Why Us

With Gonidio you will have a direct access to your genetic make up for Health, Obesity, Aging & Sport Performance and the personalized necessary actions to optimize your health and overall sense of well being.


What makes us different?


  • Targeted Genomic Screening

Our service offer DNA screening that applies to the needs of the general population, testing for Medical conditions which are common and yet serious, like Cardiovascular disease, Osteoporosis, Cancer.

Our large-scale services address to people who want to know their genetic profile regarding Health, Anti-Aging, Obesity, Nutrition, Athletics and how they can manage their genetic risks.

For this reason we are constantly working on careful selection of genes tested, primarily focusing on genes amenable to corrective action.


  • Targeted Gene Selection


Our scientists have carefully designed each test with a wide panel of gene mutations investigated, which are - to every extent possible - specifically selected to fulfill the following criteria:


-Relevant: The mutation exerts direct inf luence over the biological system of interest and directly relates to traits, symptom clusters, or disease. The biological effect of the mutation is clearly documented in the scientific literature.


-Prevalent: The mutation is relatively common in the general population. These DNA changes are also known also as polymorphisms, representing the gene variants (alternative forms of the genes). Every attempt has been made to exclude mutations with less than 1% population frequency.


-Modifiable: The effect of the mutation can - to a significant degree - be modifiable by appliance of the appropriate measures and corrective actions. These could be Medical, Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Environmental, Life-Style, Training guidelines.

-Measurable: The impact of corrective actions that can modify the effects of the mutations is measurable -with the passing of time after applied - by laboratory assays when possible.


  • Results Reporting: Simple to Understand – Easy to Use

Your test results are delivered in a report which addresses TO YOU and not only to your physician or other specialized professionals.


You will be able to read and understand your results as the report is written in simple words, containing images and graphics that help you understand your genetic tendencies for each biological process.

The genes tested are categorized in sections based on their impact on biological processes and conditions. You are provided with information about

  • the impact of each type of the gene
  • the effect of your genetic profile on each biological process

An emphasis is given for genes and genetic profiles with negative effects.

This makes it easier for you to understand your genetic disadvantages and what is needed to “fortify” yourself against your risks. The utility of the report is a straightforward process, since the corrective actions provided are by far meaningful, targeting at specific biological systems.

  • Meaningful Corrective Action


Based on your DNA results we offer the appropriate advice, customized to your personal needs, serving your goals.

Your DNA profiling is the guide for the necessary Pharmacological, Nutritional, and Lifestyle intervention to overcome - as much as possible - your genetic risks and barriers.



We also offer a number of services based on your DNA test results, including:

  • A Personalized Nutritional Consultation and Diet plan for the daily nutritional needs of your body, aiming at a healthy way of living and optimal health according to your personal needs.
  • A Personalized Nutritional Consultation and Diet plan for obesity management, with a calorie restriction diet that does not put your health in danger.
  • A Personalized Nutritional Consultation and Diet plan, which will detail your nutritional requirements during training and competitive events in your sport of choice [Additional information will be required regarding your dietary habits, sport of choice, etc.]
  • A Personalized Training program and Training consultation according to your genetic profile to optimize your athletic performance, taking your sport of choice into account. [Additional information will be required, including an exercise-physiological evaluation and current performance records.


Personalized Cosmetics & Nutritional Supplements


Your genetic profile can be used to provide you with personalized nutritional supplements and a personalized line of cosmetics which are:

• 100% organic

• based on the results of your DNA test

• produced to satisfy the specific needs of your body

• necessary in your daily routine for

  • your ongoing nutritional support & general wellbeing
  • efficient weight loss
  • a youthful and healthy appearance
  • your nutritional support when in physical activity